Over forty years ago, Bill Davis, a highly successful mechanical engineer, purchased and operated a car wash in Salt Lake City, Utah. It didn’t take Bill long to tire of counting and rolling all of those quarters, so he did what inventors do best, he invented a device to make the task much easier. The coin counter worked wonderfully, so he decided to make it available to others with the same problem (boredom from counting quarters). Now this little device was smaller, lighter and lower cost than anything else on the market. What’s more, it was very reliable and worked without fail in the harsh environment of a car wash with all of those wet and muddy quarters. Soon, hundreds of car wash owners, as well as Laundromat owners and anyone else who wanted to count quarters, purchased these devices and fell in love with them.

After lots of years, too many orders caused Bill a bit of heartburn, since he was semi-retired and wanted more time for all of those fun things that beckon retired persons. The business was sold to Richard Moon, also in Salt Lake city, and it continued with him until 2018, when Jim Clausen of Nampa, Idaho purchased the business.

Jim continues to build and repair these durable, time-saving coin counters, and provides careful service to all DaTec coin counter owners. Please give him a call!