We offer repair and refurbishing of all QC89 quarter counters. Simply return to the factory with your information, a description of the repair needed along with a return shipping address.  Repair costs will be invoiced.

Ship to:
Jim Clausen
2420 East Clover Place
Nampa, ID 83687

See info and repair documents at bottom of page

Worn coin wheel - anotated450

Most common wear indication:
When the quarter wheel has rounded tips or the tooth of the wheel gets cupped or grooved, the counter may jam, miscount or have difficulty picking up the coins, making operation very slow.  It is time to replace the wheel and underlying disk bearing.

Some Common Parts:

Quarter Wheel  $25.00
Bearing Washer $4.00
On/Off or Wrap/Bulk toggle switch  $10.00
Quarter sleeve tube  $30.00
Digital Counter  $140.00
Batteries (2 each N cell)  $4.00

DaTec Model 89 Operating Instructions.pdf
DaTec Model 89 Description of Controls.pdf
Bank Roll Instructions.pdf
Troubleshooting Guide.pdf
Repair Instructions (replacement of coin wheel).pdf